3rd Floor, Ajit Singh House
12 Community Centre,
Yusuf Sarai,
New Delhi – 110049 (INDIA)

+91 88105 51420

Geeta Uppal

Geeta Uppal is a very talented and well known architect in Delhi. Passionate and experimental, these qualities reflect not only in her style of work but also in her sense of dress. She wears the sari so effortlessly, it seems as though the Sari is an organic extension of herself. And over the years, she has developed her very own brand of dressing them up and wearing them in a way that is both timeless and ecelectic together.

In her effort to share her love for the Sari, Geeta has started her own label ‘Sarigiri’ – which sums up her playful take on all things Saris!

She offers a refreshingly new approach to wearing the age old sari. Each out-fit has been curated down to every detail to lift it from the mundane and imbue it with a sense of whimsy and earthy chic. Ready to wear off the shelf, each handpicked handloom sari has been embellished with either applique, embroidery, patchwork or other interesting techniques of handiwork to enhance its appeal. Geeta has then teamed up these handcrafted saris with semi stitched blouses and accessories that mix rather than match, to put together a full look that carries her quirky inimitable stamp on it.

Through this venture, Geeta is supporting and providing employment to a unit of under privileged women who are using their skill set to earn an independent source of livelihood for themselves.